Mean Mommy

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"What the fuck are you two doing..?" Susan demanded, barging into her son’s bedroom. Frustration and resentment, both sexual and non-sexual had festered all morning. Frank, her husband of almost twenty years, had fucked her that morning, and like so many times in the last years, left her unsatiated.

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Now this – Timmy, their only son, and his best friend, Bobby, both fifteen, scrambled like mice chased from the cheese by a hungry cat. Clad only in their jeans, their shirts and shoes lay beside the bed, the two tried in vain to fasten their open jeans.

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Red-faced, he cringed away from her.
"M-M-Mom, I… We…"

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Susan stalked to the bed, crossed her arms under her smallish breasts and glared at her son.
THWAP! Her hand right lashed out, stinging the boy’s cheek and ending his stammering.

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"Shut up," she said, pointing one slender finger at the mountain of magazines between the boys.
"I can see what you were doing. What’s your father going to say, when he finds out that you’ve been nosing around in his stuff?"

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She picked up an open magazine. The full-page image burned into her mind and fueled the angry lust in her loins, hardening her bare nipples under her silk blouse. A blonde woman sat atop a man, his unbelievably thick tool stretching her asshole to its limit, while her fingers spread her glistening labia. The blonde was smiling for the camera.

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She flipped the magazine away like tossing away a banana peel. "We let you stay by yourself this summer, and the first day, I come home for lunch… and find this." She looked at Bobby.
"I guess that I’d better call Louise and…"

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"M-M-Mrs. Blake! No!" the other boy blurted out.
"Please don’t call my mom!" Bobby pleaded, almost in tears.
"Can it, Bobby," she said, no mercy in her cold stare. His obvious fear fed the growing heat in her loins. The blond-haired boy was slimmer than her husky son but a good looking kid whom Susan had always liked. Her eyes fell to their crotches. Where throbbing boy-cocks had been, trembling hands covered shriveled weenies. She stood stiffly, tapping her foot, thinking. Here was the perfect opportunity to indulge herself. Did she dare?

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"I said, ‘Finish what you were doing’," she snapped.
"If you’re going to beat your meat to this shit, then do it… right here in front of me. Come on. Get those damned pants off. NOW!" she spat out, catching the hair on their heads and yanking their heads back cruelly. Like a couple of whipped puppies, they cowered before the slender brunette, and slowly slipped out of their jeans.

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Bobby wasn’t wearing underwear. Intriguing, Susan thought. He sat, knees pulled up to his chest, hiding his soft cock between his thighs, and shaking like a leaf.

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"You," she said, pointing at Timmy.
"Lay down." Wordlessly, he lay back until his head hit the pillow, legs stretched out. Her deep-set eyes wandered down her son’s torso and to the white of his underpants. A perverse thrill racing through her body, tingling her hard nipples and teasing her stiffening clit. Her thick labia pressed against her panties. "Bobby." She snapped her fingers and pointed to her son, "Take his shorts off."
"Mom. I can do…"
"Hush up. He’ll do it for you."
Then to Bobby, "Do it. NOW!"
The boy leaned forward, reached for his best friend’s underwear, and tugged them down his muscular legs. "Ohhhhh, shit," Susan hissed under her breath. The boy’s crotch came fully into her view, showing the patch of dark hair at its base and the blunt tip wet and shiny with precum. "Come on. Get it hard it hard and jack it off."

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"Mom, I can’t…"
"Oh my," she cooed, her mouth watering at the sight of the naked boys lying side by side. Bobby’s thin patch of blond hair nestled a cock that was considerably thicker and longer than her son’s. The tip, long and smooth and wet poked out of his foreskin.
"Beat your meat, Bobby."
Get it hard for him, Timmy."
"Timmy," Susan said, cutting him off and leaning down to grab the boy’s wrist.
"I said, play with Bobby’s dick." Bobby’s eyes closed. His boy’s tool quickly swelled with his first feel of someone else’s hand.

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Timmy resisted, trying to pull away from his friend. SLAP! Susan’s open hand came down hard on his upturned ass.
"Yeeeowww! Mom…"
"I said, suck his dick, son!" she hissed, entwining her fingers into his hair.
"And I meant just that. Now suck it." Guiding him by the hair of his head, she wiped his lips back and forth on Bobby’s greasy cock knob, spreading precum over Timmy’s mouth and cheeks.
"Oh fuck yes," she groaned, as Timmy’s mouth opened, engulfing Bobby’s smooth cock head. Susan fell onto the bed beside her son, her lips pressed to his hot cheek.

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"That’s hot, Timmy," she breathed, her fingers still entwined in his long hair and working his mouth up and down half of his friend’s dick.
"That’s right. Suck. Work that hot, little mouth up and down. Up and down. Oh my baby boy, you are a good little cock sucker. That’s it, suck his dick." She finally released his head and reached under his stomach.

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"Oh gawd, Mrs. Blake!" Bobby groaned, his boyish hips thrashing wildly to feed more of his meaty cock into his best friend’s mouth.
"What, Bobby?" Susan’s free hand massaged his nuts. "What is it? Tell me."
"I’m going to…" he whimpered "I can’t help it!"
"Going to what, Bobby? Say it. Cum in Timmy’s mouth? Shoot your jism in there?
"Y-y-yess, Mrs. B! I can’t stop…"
"Do it then, Bobby. Hold his head!" The blond teen caught Timmy’s head in both hands, holding him, fucking his mouth.
"Timmy? I’m going to shoot!" Bobby gasped.
"Ummmmmm…," Timmy groaned and swallowed again, his young rod erupting in a tremendous orgasm.

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The horny woman stroked Timmy’s spewing cock and massaged Bobby balls, till, completely spent, Timmy fell away and lay panting on his side. Bobby’s eyes were closed, as he too fought to catch his breath.
She picked up the phone on Timmy’s nightstand and dialed. "Paul", she said into the receiver.
"Susan, here. Listen, cancel my appointments for this afternoon and get somebody over there to show the Randolph place. No, I have a family problem, and I’ll be all afternoon dealing with it."


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